Friday, January 15, 2010

Alpinestars S-MX 5 Boots Review

Alpinestars successor to their popular S-MX 4 boots. The main difference between the new S-MX 5 boots and the previous version S-MX 4 are greater comfort and improved ventilation throughout the boot. The quality construction and safety is as good as the previous version. These also come in a separate perforated version. Keeping in line with the goal of improved comfort, the sole is not as wide and bulky as your normal race boots. The compound of the sole is also designed to be suited for walking and won’t wear as quickly.

Very comfortable motorcycle boots to wear. Armor is not as thick compared to the SMX Plus model, particularly the heel and shin protectors but still sufficient for general riding. It uses a easy to use velcro adjustment system to tighten the fit with the same zipper system as the other S-MX boots to enclose your foot. The S-MX 5 boots are a well rounded full length boot with a good amount of protection and comfort. Price is around $200-$250.

-Ethan Carnegie

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