Friday, January 15, 2010

Sidi Vertigo Boots Review

Sidi’s top of the range boot, now superceded by the Vortice range. As you would expect from Sidi, the craftmanship is top notch along with all the safety features you expect in a high end race boot. The Vertigo range has taken 2 years to design and includes a wide range of models. We will go through the Sidi Vertigo and Sidi Vertigo Corsa models.

* Sidi Vertigo - Standard model with plastic/lorica armor.
* Sidi Vertigo Air - Perforated model for greater ventilation.
* Sidi Tepor (Vertigo Rain) - Waterproof model.
* Sidi Mega Gore Tex - Waterproof model for wider feet.
* Sidi Vertigo Corsa - Top end model with improved armor and features.
* Sidi Vertigo Corsa Air - Perforated model of the Corsa’s.

Starting with their replaceable component system. The toe slider and shin plate can be replaced in case you taste asphalt and survive to ride again. The shock absorbing heel cup appears to offer excellent protection, though I haven’t crashed with them yet.

Their unique calf tightening system is the best of all boots I’ve tried on. You tighten a knob at the back to adjust and with a simple flick of the switch you release it for easy exit. A standard zipper with velcro is used to hold your feet. Side vents can be opened for additional air flow. If you live in a warm climate, the Sidi Vertigo Air boots come perforated.
Sizing wise these fit true to size. Only gripe is that these aren’t made for wide feet. Sidi offer the Sidi Mega Gore Tex (waterproof), but ideally a mega version of their standard or vertigo air model would be better.

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